Frequently asked questions

The Calanoa Amazonas experience

Yes, when approaching your visit with respect, humility, and gratitude it can have a very meaningful and lasting effect on the way we see the world and your place in it.

The magic and power of the Amazon region is vast and can leave its mark forever engraved in your heart. We aim to inspire you to connect with nature and our team will guide you in this experience.

Simply put, because Calanoa is not just a hotel. We are primarily a foundation focused on cultural and environmental conservation and on implementing projects to empower local communities.

Also, at the helm of Calanoa we have Diego Samper, an artist who has made of Calanoa his biggest work of art. All our cabins, pathways, and corners of the jungle have been embedded with his artistic sensibility.

You will not just be staying in an award-winning hotel, you will be experiencing so much more and your visit will make a positive impact in the Amazon region and the lives of many.

Booking Process

Once you fill out the ‘reserve’ form on our website, you will be contacted by our team, via e-mail, to receive availability and rate information and initiate your booking process. Make sure to check your spam and junk folders as sometimes our e-mail gets sent there.

The Calanoa experience

Our rate is per person per night, and it includes: private lodging, all meals at Calanoa from arrival’s day dinner to last day’s breakfast, tea, coffee, natural fruit juices, two activities per night’s stay, and Spanish speaking guides.

What is not included in the rate?
Flights to and from Leticia, speedboat transfers Leticia Calanoa Leticia, activities with entry fees such as Puerto Nariño, Altamira, Tarapoto Lake, and Maikuchiga, alcoholic beverages, English speaking guides, health or accident insurance, and tips.


Not now, as there is no internet in the area. 

The total of your stay must be paid in full prior to your arrival. You do so via bank transfer or PayPal. In Calanoa you can use cash for small payments such as alcoholic beverages, crafts, and tips.

50% once you make the reservation, 50% up to a week before the trip.


It is a government requirement for immigration purposes. Also, in this part of the Amazon River we share borders with Peru and Brazil, to navigate in the river we must provide this data to the local authorities.

Check in and check out times and lunch

Check-in at Calanoa starts at 2:00 pm and check out is at 11:00 am.

Please note, the experience begins with dinner on the day of check-in and ends with breakfast on the last day of your visit. If your flights times allow, you can have lunch in Calanoa on the day of arrival, or departure, for an additional cost. Please notify us in advance.

Children! Can children visit the lodge?

We welcome children of all ages. Our youngest guest visited Calanoa at 8 months old. Children really enjoy the Amazon and our activities. We can adapt your itinerary to fit all ages.

Getting to calanoa

You will be flying into Leticia from Bogota.

A member of our team will be waiting for you at the arrivals gate in the Leticia airport. They will be in the Calanoa uniform and have a sign so you can easily identify them.

Transport to the reserve

You can take a private boat or join the public boats. Please contact us so we can quote the price of each service based on the size of your party.

  • Private boats: just for you and your party. The schedules accommodate to your flight times. The latest it can leave Leticia is at 3 pm.
  • Public boats: shared with members of the local community and other tourists. Make several stops along the way.

Leticia Calanoa: 7 am, 10 am, 1:30 pm

Calanoa Leticia: 7:30 am, 11:30 pm, 3:30 pm

The journey Leticia Calanoa takes approximately and hour and a half. Same length of time for the return trip.

Only a few companies can navigate the Amazon. We work with only those certified by local authorities. They have permits given according to boat quality, safety, and knowledge of the area. All boats carry life jackets for adults and children.

Technically yes, but tickets tend to sell out very fast so we encourage you to hire this service through us so we can pre-purchase your tickets and secure your seats in advance.

It is not allowed for boats to navigate the Amazon in the dark. If your flight is delayed, you can stay that night in Leticia, or if you wish to arrive that same day to Calanoa you have to pay and extra fee for the driver and his boat the stay the night in the nearby community.

At Calanoa:


There are two seasons in the Amazon: high river and low river. From December through June the water levels are higher allowing for more water-based activities. From July to November the water level drops allowing for more hikes. Each season is beautiful, we have created an itinerary that you will enjoy regardless of the water levels. You can trust that our guides will always take you to see the best each season has to offer.

Our guides lead groups of up to 6 people in Spanish. If you want a guide in another language, the guidance is private, and this service has an extra cost. Please let us know in advance.

Yes. We have guides in French and English. Please notify us in advance through the reservation form.

You can choose the activities that interest you the most and build your experience accordingly. If your stay is longer than 5 days let us know what your main interests are and we will suggest an itinerary for the extra days. You can see the experience menu by following this link:

Yes, you may organize your activities once you arrive at Calanoa. There are some activities with extra costs and some that require a day in advance to arrange.

They vary in length, but on average they are 2.5 to 3.5 hrs long. The birding activity on the last day is an hour long.

You will have two activities per booked night. Meaning that if you stay with us for four nights  you will receive eight activities.

Our suggested plan has a wonderful option of activities for you to see varied landscapes, communities, flora, and fauna. However, some guests like to visit other touristic attractions in the area such as Puerto Nariño, Tarapoto Lake, Altamira, and Maikuchiga. These places charge entry fees which you can pay directly in the communities and in cash. Calanoa operates all activities for you, meaning that you will be under our care and guidance even on the ‘optional activities’. For Altamira there is an additional gas fee due to its distance from Calanoa.

The Amazon Spa has experiences carried out by local medicine men, also known as shamans. The treatments they offer are centered around connecting you with nature and energy cleansing. Should you be interested in adding this type of experiences please let us know.

Available upon request. Please let us know If this is something you are interested in experiencing.

Available upon request. Please let us know If this is something you are interested in experiencing. All caught fish must be released back in the water.

Yes, we can arrange this for you. There are extra costs included. Please contact us if this is of interest to you.

Yes! We have had marriage proposals, birthdays, honeymoons, and anniversary celebrations. We will be happy to help you plan something special. Please let us know in advance.

Yes, you may. There is a bottle service fee which will be added to your bill.

Services at the lodge:

No. There is no internet in the area. A lovely opportunity to disconnect, to reconnect.

Tigo (cellphone provider) has some coverage in the area, enough to send text messages and make phone calls. You can make calls to check in with loved ones back home.

There is not hot water. But the water is 26 c. degrees. A lovely and invigorating experience!

Yes, our electricity comes from solar panels. We aim to provide electricity from 10 am to 10 pm, but on overcast days the panels might not collect enough electricity. In that event we have lamps, and you can charge your cellphones and camera equipment in the kitchen; where there’s a plant.

Yes. We have a filter in the kitchen which purifies the water into perfectly clean drinking water. Your cabin is supplied with jars of drinking water, but please bring reusable bottles for the activities. No plastic please. And please, don’t drink water from the sink or shower.

No. Temperatures in the Amazon drop quite a bit at night making the nights quite cool. The experience of heat in the jungle is very different, you are surrounded and protected by large trees and the breeze from the river provides coolness.


Yes. There are menus for different types of diets (vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian) and we can accommodate allergies and intolerances. Please inform us in advance through the reservation form.


We have a cabin with easy access. It is important however that the person can get in and out of a boat. Please inform us in advance so we can best cater to your needs.

Preparing for your visit

  • Light clothes in breathable materials. Trousers and long sleeve shirts.
  • Hat and/or a bandana.
  • A raincoat, ponchos are recommended, as they will keep you dry while walking and sitting in the boat, jackets can be a bit too warm.
  • We have rain boots that you may borrow (we have them from sizes 36 to 44), please let us know what sizes you need.
  • All-natural mosquito repellent. The ingredient citronella is recommended.
  • At Calanoa we have electricity from 3pm to 10pm.
  • Bathing suit and a quick-dry towel.
  • Any medicine you personally require and any prescription drugs you may be taking, We have a general first aid kit with basic medicine.
  • Water bottles, please no plastic. We have potable water but it is a good idea to bring your own bottle to refill it for long walks and activities.
  • You also need to pay a tourism tax of $32,000 COP upon entering Leticia. There are ATMs in Leticia but not in the small communities.
  • Cash in Colombian currency for tips and purchase of alcoholic drinks; we have beer, wine, and cocktails.

At this moment there is no mandate on taking the vaccine in the region. If traveling onwards to Brazil you will need to show proof of vaccination.

Yes. We have all these in each room. Towels are exclusively for use at the hotel. Should you wish to swim please bring a fast-drying towel. Also don’t forget to pack any extra toiletries you need.

Yes, but please make sure they are stored properly as to keep wildlife away from your cabin. Our staff will be happy to store any extra food you wish to bring with you in the kitchen.

Yes. We can lend you rubber boots. We have sizes 36 to 46. We don’t have kids’ sizes.

A deet-free repellent with citronella.

The Calanoa foundation

For over 30 years, the Calanoa Foundation has contributed to the conservation of the biological and cultural diversity of the Colombian Amazon. We work through projects in environmental education, sustainable economic practices, preservation and recovery of ancestral knowledge and cultural traditions. To read about the foundation and our philosophy you can visit this link

You can write to us at and out team will give you information on how you can contribute

Yes, items such as school supplies, sports material, and reading glasses are always welcomed.

Private retreats and workshops

Yes. Over the years we have shared the beautiful installations of Calanoa for private retreats. Our spaces are ideal for yoga, meditation, writing, photography, art workshops, culinary, and many other disciplines and practices. Please e-mail us at 

Contact us with your travel dates and we will let you know if there is a retreat during that time. Alternatively, we can send you our programing schedule for the year so you can choose which retreat/workshop you would like to attend.