To travel is to discover with awe what you have not tasted before.
To travel is to draw the world with your own body, is to draw an atlas of the soul.
It is to look the mirror’s other side and to go through it.
To travel is the desire of being other, somewhere else, and once there, again, to desire.

Alberto Ruy-Sánchez




Calanoa Jungle Lodge offers a space for the traveler who is in search of a vital experience, who is in a journey of discovery. Our travel plans and workshops propose an experience of the rainforest through the senses and a creative dialogue with the inhabitants.

The Calanoa Natural Reserve is at the very heart of the Amazon forest, yet easy to access, and its surroundings are an endless source of marvel. It is a low-impact, small-scale settlement. If you are planning to visit us, please book in advance, as lodging is limited.





The social pavilion has a central screen tent with a big dining table, and it is located in a way that makes the most of the view of the river. Around it there are hammock swings and seats for guests to relax. A wooden deck connects with the kitchen pavilion, a generous space open for the guests to visit and participate of the preparation of food.

Calanoa's cuisine is a fusion of local Amazonian traditions with Brazilian, Colombian and Peruvian cuisine, put together by the owners’ creativity. Organic and fresh local produce, fire wood cooking and our famous freshly baked bread contribute to a delightful experience.




The buildings have been designed by Diego Samper combining traditional techniques with a contemporary approach, a sustainable architecture that uses local materials and resources. The woven palm roofs are beautiful and fresh, walls are minimal to improve air circulation, and the structures are built on stilts to elevate them from the ground, allowing for better views and increasing air circulation.



The visitors’ cabins have a bedroom and bathroom on the first floor and a loft, with a capacity for 6 people each. The cabins are fully covered with mosquito screen, and each bed has its own mosquito net for extra protection from bugs. A board path connects the cabins with the dining/social pavilion, and has an observation platform ideal for birds and monkeys watching.




















all photos ©Diego Samper 2014





I just returned from Colombia and had a wonderful time. Our stay at your lodge was a true highlight of our trip, of all my travels in fact. I have never stayed somewhere quite so unique and beautiful. Everyone at Calanoa took excellent care of us, and were so nice, helpful, professional, and knowledgeable. The cabañas were stunning, the food delicious, and our activities and excursions were fun, interesting, and exciting. We felt safe and happy, and got to see and do so many things that will remain in my heart and memory forever. You have created a very special place. Thanks again and I hope to return one day. Rebecca Weissman, California, USA

What a wonderful experience this has been!! Delicious meals, weaving with Matilde & Consuelo. All have been kind and welcoming! Carol Dodd, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

A uniquely special time with uniquely special people. Melanie & Steven, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

Amazonas is an adventure you don't want to miss. The sights, sounds and smells of the jungle, the fresh organic food, the kind and generous people living along the river and the opportunity to experience different cultures make this a place you will want to return to. This is not a 5-star all inclusive hotel kind of vacation, it is, however very safe and comfortable. You will feel like part of the family by the end of the week. Don’t let your fear keep you from experiencing this amazing place. Martina Black, Roberts Creek, BC, Canada

My most treasured memories are of traveling along the river and visiting the small native villages. The Sampers had arranged jungle walks in the surrounding forest accompanied by native guides who were most knowledgeable in the use of both food and medicinal plants. On the last night of our stay in Amazonas we camped along the river and slept in hammocks covered with mosquito netting - a most memorable experience. Corene Lindsay, Gibsons, BC, Canada

We had a really great time at Calanoa and enjoyed every minute of our time at the Amazon! We had a perfect team. We experienced, saw and learned a lot of our guides in the nature and in the communities. Thank you very much for arranging this and giving us the opportunity to stay at Calanoa, which was an ideal base also to stay and to visit many sites by boat or by foot.
Ulrich Schmid, Germany